This cattleman used 2 creep panels and one 6x8 panel to enclose this 24' loafing shed. It allows calves to find a dry place to lay down while preventing adult cattle from entering.

Stephen Rogers needed a chute for his scales. He turned 2- 6x8 HD panels upside down (so not to interfere with the scales), and affixed a 26" slide gate. This is directly in behind his squeeze chute, with a modified Bud box on the other end.

This elevated sales ring is also from The Rogers and Lile Cattle Company

Ramp leading from sort pens into elevated sale ring. It is built out of 5' tall HD panels so buyers could have a better look at the cattle.

We're able to modify bow frames and panels to plug into a variety of squeeze chute brands. This is a Priefert SO4.

The customer used a 6' bow gate and by simply cutting off the couplers from the sides of the bow frame, and drilling through the frame, lagged screwed the gate into the wood 5x5 square posts.

Not really a project but I thought this was a neat pic. Customer came to us saying that his neighbor's bull (pictured), kept jumping into his pasture full of heifers. Neighbor agreed to get rid of the bull but didn't have anyway to catch him to load him. We designed a system to corral the bugger. This is him looking longingly onto the field of heifers.

Cow milking stanchion. Customer milks 8 cows twice a day by hand, and asked us to build this stanchion for them. We cut a port out of the 6x8HD Panels at about utter height. The cut outs in the two 3' bow gates (front and back), are for a feeder in the front and to preg check or give shots in the back.

These fence line feed panels were the brain child of Kevin, the Owner of A- Lane Tires, who uses and also sells our products. In these photos we used the 6x10 HD panels (to match the 10' 14 ga. Tarter feed bunk, which we also sell for $259), cut two bars out and fabricated these panels. The 10'ers sell for $336, 12' $358, and 8' at $322. We build them as we get orders for them so give us some notice.